World Powers

There are three main powers in the world, the Trade Princes, the kingdom of Uzhvar and the Empire of the Orchid Throne.

The Trade Princes refers to a collection of powerful families from the Novilsik peninsula on the southwest of the continent of Einemar and the nearby islands of Karlink, Haroglod and Ingilser bound together in a long-standing political alliance. It tends to maintain power through economic means first, with force being judiciously applied as a last resort. Their merchant guilds and their strong naval presence give them enormous leverage with all the other nations of the world and their coin is accepted in every port on every continent.

Uzhvar is significant if only because of its geography and population, both of which are immense, although its internal politics, court intrigue and nearly unnavigable bureaucracy keeps it from being overly important to anyone but its neighbors. To the smaller nations on the Shalim continent, however, the threat of Uzhvar hangs over their every thought.

The Empire of the Orchid Throne, centered in the kingdom of Gein Alkent, on the eastern side of the continent of Einemar, is significant not only for its breadth but for also for its relatively young age. Having conquered numerous lands on nearly all the continents, the Empire’s focus has pivoted to increasing stability and prosperity. Though it does not wield the economic influence of the Trade Princes nor does it command an army greater than Uzhvar, the Empire is seen by many as the number one power in the world.

World Powers

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