Races and Peoples

Only the hill dwarf variety from the PHB is known, so there aren’t types of dwarves, just “dwarf.” They are limited to their homeland of the Isle of Forlgar and a small population inside the borders of the Empire’s original domain of Gein Alkent.

The PHB varieties are all present but renamed, high elves are silver elves, wood elves are wild elves and drow are dragon elves. Silver elves are highly uncommon, scattered throughout the world in mysterious mercenary groups ranging in size from a dozen members to several hundred. Wild elves are rare only because they tend to keep to themselves, usually staying inside the boreal forests and steppes to the south of Uzhvar, the heathlands to the northwest of Gein Alkent and a few harsh isles distant from any major bodies of land. The dragon elves are completely insular, other than on their island nation of Verhuul they are almost never seen.

Both forest and rock gnomes exist. Forest gnomes may also be referred to as jungle gnomes due to their homelands being a cluster of tropical islands along the equator. They are dark-skinned, dark-haired generally friendly people living without any recognizable organization or even centers of population. Magic is so ingrained in their being that their language itself is mystically ciphered and incomprehensible to anyone else. Rock gnomes live mainly in the hills and mountains to the southwest of Uzhvar.

Bugbears, goblins and hobgoblins are all more or less unchanged from the standard with the exception that there are a several scattered, though relatively small, hobgoblin kingdoms and a
handful of goblin ones as well. In addition there are also landless groups of hobgoblins, and undoubtedly many goblins, living in the less governed areas on the fringes of other nations. Bugbears tend to live as privileged minorities inside goblin and hobgoblin territories, having rarely displayed a desire to form their own settlements, let alone nations.

Largely unchanged from the PHB and found nearly everywhere, halflings are quite possibly the most numerous race in the world although they make no claims on any lands. Due to their friendly, amenable nature as a people, they have managed to spread throughout human, orc and tielfling lands.

Rarely seen but not unknown, half-elves are a playable race though not an actual people of the world.

Statistically identical to PHB, the only difference is that half-orcs are full-fledged, bonafide race in this world. In fact, there are even two half-orc peoples, the Gennish of the Isles of Genna not far from Uzhvar and the Koogs who have a sliver of territory along the southeastern coast of the continent of Shalim. Differing only in appearance, the Gennish have been largely conquered by the Empire while the Koogans have been largely conquered by Uzhvar.

Same stats as the PHB. Mainly found on the continent of Einemar, along the western coast of the continent of Shalim and a few islands mostly between those two regions.

Roughly the same as the standard with slightly tempered war-mongering tendencies, full-blooded orcs are found in a few sizable areas on the Shalim continent, on a couple of larger islands and in a large swath of forests and mountains in the far southeast of Shalim.

Same as the PHB with some minor appearance tweaks, tielflings are a major race in this world, ruling the large kingdom of Uzhvar on the continent of Shalim as well have having small exile populations elsewhere.

Same as the MM, tucked away in remote jungle enclaves away from the unflinching hatred of most of the other races.

The most populous races in the world are Goblinoids, halflings, humans, orcs, tieflings and the elven sub-race wild (wood) elves. Dwarves, gnomes, half-orcs, yuan-ti and the elven sub-races of silver (high) elves and dragon (drow) elves are either much rarer or highly limited to their domains.

Races and Peoples

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