Strange Lands

The assault on Northpoint continues

The group discovers that the tavern they had just busted into was one big trap, with a fireflask atop a pile of casks of liquor in the basement all ready to be set off by a suspended log on a rope. The trap is disabled, Reagur marks the building as theirs (his) and the group sets off again.

While clearing what looks to be a thoroughly looted cobbler’s shop the group gets a message from Sincere to hustle over to where his group is. Once they get there they find out that a group of regular army troops is having trouble at a blacksmith’s nearby. Turns out there’s a big orc, a halfing and a couple other nasty brutes holed up inside. The party sets a few people, including Reagur, on fire and moves on.

Fen is doing his best to help the regulars survive such situations in the future while Suisen is bandaging up those in need and Reagur is pretending he’s not still on fire when they get another message to meet up with Longley’s group at an inn nearby.

Turns out there’s an important Uzhvaran family in town that would like to surrender to the Empire, headed by a sister and brother. Unfortunately, the “baron” suspected as much so he sent some of his troops to take the sister hostage inside the family’s home and thus force the brother into taking the family’s guards and able-bodies servants to fight for Northpoint. Thanks to a servant, Mij, who was able to escape through a secret entrance, the party is able to sneak into the family’s home and rescue Muyay. They then escort her to the market square where her brother, Guil, is defending a rubble and refuse blockade under the supervision of a trio of Northpoint handlers. Reagur and Guil stage a one-on-one combat after Fen goads the dim-witted top handler, Cobble and Razst snipe said oaf and Guil is reunited with his sister.

The rest of the fighting is sparse and light, notable more for the frequent retreating of the Northpoint guards than anything else. Regrouping afterwards, Longley’s squad finds they lost two of their own, Jarda and Strang, during the assault. The other Breachers suffered casualties as well, with Tooth losing three of his own, Grugarmbah’s squad getting reduced to half strength and Able’s squad loses Able herself.

After a night of licking their wounds and getting prepped, the next objective is the citadel itself.



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