War is constant. Some blame the Empire and the greed of those who sit on its Orchid Throne. Others say that if it wasn’t the Empire then it’d just be someone else.

Many leagues away from the nearest shipping lane, and many more leagues away from any of the major continents, sits a sparsely populated island known by a surprising number of names. It’s the Stray Hump to many sailors, Ev Nostrik to the Trade Princes, Shogim to the Uzhvar, but the Empire’s maps mostly use the name Olkiera.

Why a small Imperial army came ashore on that island is anyone’s guess. Why that army marched on the ramshackle settlement of North Point is another mystery. The official excuse of stamping out a hub of piracy rang false to anyone that heard it.

A few dozen Breachers, the Empire’s finest, meanest, toughest and craziest fighters, prepared themselves to lead an assault on a sprawling collection of rough buildings that surrounded a surprisingly impressive citadel. Some of them wondered why, the rest just wanted to get it over with.

Strange Lands

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